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Very old Torah scroll fragment from Iraq

Very old Torah scroll fragment from Iraq

Dimensions: ±48 cm x 14 cm.
Material: deer parchment.
Origin: Iraq.
Age: circa 1850.

A portion of an ancient handwritten Torah scroll in the original Hebrew language on deer parchment. This handwritten document is made of deerskin and is praised for the beauty of the soft deer parchment and the beautiful writing. The parchment holds the ink well and the letters remain black and easy to read.

The roll has a beautiful reddish deep color. This deep color is due to the process used to make the roll, which ages to a deeper reddish-brown color over the centuries. Torah scrolls such as these are extremely rare and rarely seen in synagogues or available due to their age.

Considering its age, the Torah scroll is well preserved and in good condition and will remain beautiful for centuries with care.

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