About us

Welcome to Rootz Gallery, where passion and the extraordinary meet! Rootz was founded and put together by Brian Twint and Roos Engelsman and is now run by Roos after Brian passed away too young and too early. Together with a team of four enthusiastic employees, she continues Rootz Gallery in her own way. As we travel the world in search of unique and fascinating treasures, Deventer is our home base. We work with people in different places around the world to find special items. Our mission is simple: find objects that are not only exceptionally beautiful, but also have a story or mysterious allure.

Rootz Gallery is the culmination of Roos' love for beautiful and special items and Brian's lifelong fascination with collecting and other cultures. The journey started in the 1980s with collecting fossils, minerals and special stones, followed by researching ancient manuscripts in the early 1990s, collecting modern art since 2014 and finally finding and trading non-Western art since 2017.

Our collection quickly grew into a store full of beautiful items. In 2019 we opened a store in Deventer, because the children's rooms became too full with our items. When Brian became ill, we made a plan together and ultimately stopped the shopping part of Rootz Gallery. We maintain the website and participate in online auctions. All the hidden gems that we have collected in recent years and still collect can be found here on this website or via the auction site Catawiki. If you want to know more, you can send a message to Roos via WhatsApp to +31655834611.


Sustainability is an integral part of our business principle. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by reusing all packaging materials and consciously considering our travel decisions. Every action we take is based on thoughtful consideration. So when your order arrives wrapped in Arabic or Ethiopian newspapers, it's testament to our commitment to responsible practices.


We offer discounts to resellers and companies.

As an importer of ethnographic and religious art, we offer a unique collection of African church art and manuscripts from the Middle East. In addition to these items, we also have a wide selection of jewelry, an extensive range of incense and a variety of meditation items. What you will find with us are special and unique products. Moreover, we are known for our competitive prices. Call us on 0655834611.

Join us to unravel the stories and wonders behind each piece at Rootz Gallery, where each item is a gateway to a fascinating story.

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